Paul L. Caron

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Law Grads Hiring Report: Job Stats For The Class of 2018, Law Grads Hiring Report: Job Stats for the Class of 2018:

The J.D. Class of 2018 enjoyed the strongest entry-level legal job market in a decade, with 78.6% landing jobs that require a law degree or for which a law degree offers an advantage within 10 months of leaving campus—up from 75.3% the previous year.

But graduate employment rates fluctuated wildly among law schools, so has delved into the trove of jobs data released in late April by the American Bar Association to determine how schools performed in 10 different areas.

  • full-time, long-term J.D-required
  • full-time, long-term J.D-required and J.D.-advantage
  • large firms
  • federal clerkships
  • elite (large firm and federal clerkships)
  • state and local clerkships
  • government and public interest
  • school-funded
  • underemployed (unemployed, temporary, part-time, or non-professional)
  • unemployed



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