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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Tax Will Aggravate Global Inequality

Monica Victor (S.J.D. 2019, Florida), U.S. Sen. Warren’s Wealth Tax Proposal: Will Fighting U.S. Inequality Aggravate Global Inequality?:

Recently, the U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren proposed a Wealth Tax on “Americans Super Millionaires” which was announced as a measure to reduce U.S. inequality, to rebuild the American middle class and to promote tax justice. Wealth inequality is a global issue, the imposition of a domestic Wealth Tax without international coordination and agreed international rules about the allocation of taxing rights and wealth among countries will aggravate global inequality and concentrate public revenue in jurisdictions with better enforcement capabilities.

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"concentrate public revenue in jurisdictions with better enforcement capabilities"

Yes, but the level of enforcement capabilities is a choice. Most countries around the world could afford to spend 10 times as much on tax enforcement without any material negative impact on the governments fiscal budgets.

Posted by: Enforcement | May 15, 2019 9:59:57 AM