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Friday, May 24, 2019

Columbia Hosts Tax Workshop

Columbia (2017)Columbia Tax Workshop:

Brian Galle (Georgetown, Law), The Tax Exemption for Charitable Property: An Empirical Assessment
Discussant: François Gérard (Columbia, Economics)

Yehonatan Givati (Hebrew University, Law), Theories of Tax Deductions: Income Measurement Versus Efficiency
Discussant: Michael Doran (Virginia, Law)

Rebecca Kysar (Fordham, Law), Unraveling the Tax Treaty
Discussant: Mirit Eyal-Cohen (Alabama, Law)

Zach Liscow (Yale, Law), Toward Democratic Law and Economics: Moral Commitments & Inequality
Discussant: Jake Brooks (Georgetown, Law)

Day Manoli (Texas, Economics), The Effects of EITC Correspondence Audits on Low-Income Earners
Discussant: Joana Naritomi (London School of Economics)

Abdou Ndiaye (Northwestern, Economics), Flexible Retirement and Optimal Taxation
Discussant: Ben Lockwood (Pennsylvania, Wharton)

Alex Raskolnikov (Columbia, Law), Narratives versus Facts in Distributional Debates
Discussant: Thomas Brennan (Harvard, Law)

Owen Zidar (Princeton, Economics), Top Wealth in the United States: New Estimates and Implications
Discussant: Wojciech Kopczuk (Columbia, Economics)

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