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Saturday, May 11, 2019

ABA Tax Section May Meeting

ABA 3The highlight of the ABA Tax Section May Meeting (program) in Washington, D.C. for Tax Profs is the Teaching Taxation Program:

Higher Education and Taxation: Are We Getting Tax Policy Right for the Mission of Education? The country is in a battle over the role, place, and funding of higher education. Who is it for? How should it be financed? What should it provide? The tax law impacts higher education in significant ways. This panel will examine those impacts and consider whether we get that policy right, and whether any changes are needed. The 2017 Tax Act imposed new taxes on colleges and universities with large endowments and big salaries. What will be the impact of these changes? Should public universities be able to elect in and out of section 501(c)(3) status? If so, should they be subject to a special set of rules? For-profit higher education providers are increasingly converting to nonprofit status in order to take advantages of benefits provided to tax exempt entities. Should there be rules limiting the entry of for-profit organizations? Tax law also impacts student borrowing. Do we get the incentives right or could we do better in structuring those incentives to benefit those in need?

  • Ellen Aprill (Loyola-L.A.)
  • Brian Galle (Georgetown)
  • Philip Hackney (Pittsburgh) (moderator)
  • Benjamin Leff (American)
  • Alexandra Mitchell (RSM US LLP, Washington, D.C.)
  • Kerry Ryan (Saint Louis) (chair)

Other Tax Prof speakers at the May Meeting:

  • Jamie Andree (Indiana-Bloomington)
  • Leslie Book (Villanova)
  • Patricia Brown (Miami)
  • Caroline Bruckner (American)
  • Allan Erbsen (Minnesota)
  • Lilian Faulhaber (Georgetown)
  • Keith Fogg (Harvard)
  • Jonathan Forman (Oklahoma)
  • Monica Gianni (Cal State-Northridge)
  • Jerome Hesch (Florida International)
  • Hayes Holderness (Richmond)
  • Tracy Kaye (Seton Hall)
  • Kathryn Kennedy (John Marshall)
  • Michael Lang (Chapman)
  • Khrista McCarden (Tulane)
  • Annette Nellen (San Jose State)
  • Caleb Smith (Minnesota)
  • Christine Speidel (Villanova)
  • Erin Stearns (Denver)
  • Susannah Camic Tahk (Wisconsin)
  • Donald Williamson (American)

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