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Saturday, April 6, 2019

22nd Annual Critical Tax Theory Conference At Pepperdine

PEPPERDINE CAMPUS WITH LOGO (2019)Pepperdine hosts the 22nd Annual Critical Tax Theory Conference (program) today and tomorrow:

The Critical Tax Theory Conference has a long history of fostering the work of both established and emerging scholars whose research challenges and enriches the tax law and policy literature. Critical tax scholars question assumptions of objectivity in tax, as their work explores how tax law and policy impact historically marginalized groups. At a time when tax policy is once again at the forefront of politics and public discourse, the work of these and other critical tax scholars supports a more robust discussion of the role for tax law in current and future social and economic policy.

Keynote Address:  Dorothy Brown (Emory; Visiting at Pepperdine), The Life of a Tax Crit: When Keeping It Real Can Go Really Really Wrong

Panel #1: 

Panel #2: 

  • Charlotte Crane (Northwestern) (moderator)
  • Ted Afield (Georgia St.), Social Justice and the Low-Income Taxpayer
  • David Hasen (Florida), Inequality and Spending Policy
  • Katie Pratt (Loyola-L.A.), The Curious State of Tax Deductions for Fertility Treatment Costs

Luncheon Address: Ed Kleinbard (USC), Critical Tax Thinking

Panel #3: 

  • Khrista McCarden (Tulane) (moderator)
  • Nancy Shurtz (Oregon), Tax as a Tool for Self-Determination: The Native American Case Study
  • Nick Mirkay (Hawaii) & Palma Strand (Creighton), Tax Inequity: Federal and State Taxation as Structural Drivers of Wealth Inequality & Racism
  • Blaine Saito (Harvard), Collaborating to a Better Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

Incubator Panel #1

  • Christine Kim (Utah) (moderator)
  • Emily Cauble (DePaul), Presumptions of Tax Motivation
  • James Puckett (Penn St.), Informal Bonds and Progressive Taxation
  • Ted Afield (Georgia St.), TaxpayerRights.Com: Implementing Technological Solutions to Bolster Taxpayer Access to Justice

Panel #4: 

  • David Hasen (Florida) (Chair)
  • James Repetti (Boston College), The Appropriate Role for Economic Efficiency in Tax Policy
  • Heather Field (UC-Hastings), Coping with Tax Legislative Risk
  • Shu-Yi Oei (Boston College), Legislation and Comment: The Making of the § 199A Regulations
  • Brian Sawers (Georgetown), Unexplained Wealth Orders: The Hunt for Dirty Money

Incubator Panel #2

  • Heather Field (UC-Hastings) (Chair)
  • Goldburn Maynard (Louisville), Policing Government Subsidies
  • Diane Klein (La Verne), U.S. v. Windsor Was (Also) A Tax Case
  • Kerry Ryan (St. Louis), Prison Labor & Tax

Panel #5: 

  • Emily Cauble (DePaul) (Chair)
  • Ariel Jurow Kleiman (San Diego), The Rise of Predatory Government Fees
  • Charlotte Crane (Northwestern), Burdens or Bounties: Federal Excises on Tobacco and Sugar Processing in the Early Republic
  • Jonathan Choi (NYU), The Substantive Canons of Tax Law

Incubator Panel #3

  • James Repetti (Boston College) (Chair)
  • Victoria Haneman (Creighton), Contemplating Homeownership Tax Subsidies and Structural Racism
  • Christine Speidel (Villanova), Medicaid Morass: Tax Complications of Independent Home Care

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