Paul L. Caron

Friday, March 22, 2019

Weekly Legal Education Roundup

Something to think about: There has been a lot of controversy concerning U.S. News's proposal to create "citation" rankings.  One argument that many of my colleagues have been making is that excluding skills faculty from the rankings is discriminatory because the majority of legal writing professors and clinicians are women.  In addition, U.S. News's proposal furthers the divide between doctrinal and skills faculty.  In recent years, most law schools have done a good job of making their faculties a unified whole.  Why should we let U.S. News do damage to this progress?

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While Taxprof's legal education coverage is usually pretty exemplary, I find myself shocked that there has been no mention this week of the White House's proposals for the HEA reauthorization this week, include caps on GradPLUS loans. As these are the very lifeblood of law schools, it seems worth mentioning. If federal graduate loans get cut back to just $28,500/year, which would be in line with Lamar Alexander's proposal, well, I mean that's almost $70,000 shy of the sticker price at Columbia this year. Cooley Law-Lansing Campus is just under $70k per year. That's a vast chasm, that can only be filled one of two ways: universities can underwrite the difference, as they are already with so many law schools deep in the red; or you guys can face the moral and ethical quandaries of sending matriculants to Sallie Mae, LawAccessLex or whatever it is calling itself this week, Nelnet, etc. and just kinda hoping that they'll find a job that can make their $1500 or $2000 per month payment that should kick in a few weeks after they get their bar results (private loans are not eligible for any IBR plans). In other words, this is an existential crisis that you may want to try and get ahead of.

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