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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Ohio State Symposium: Artificial Intelligence And The Future Of Tax Law

Ohio State LogoOhio State hosted a symposium yesterday on Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Tax Law and Policy (program):

Artificial intelligence and automated systems have the potential to rework everything we think about labor, leisure, and our economic future. But ideas about how to integrate these non-human actors into the tax system are only beginning to emerge. This year’s symposium, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Tax Law and Policy, will begin a robust policy discussion on the intersection of these developing technologies and tax law in the new digital economy. Some of the country’s foremost experts in tax and the digital economy will discuss how to write laws that robots can read, whether robots can or should be taxpayers, how AI will affect enforcement and compliance, and what the broader economic picture means for tax law and labor.

Panel #1: Writing Laws that Robots Can Read

  • Joshua Blank (UC-Irvine)
  • Allison Christians (McGill)
  • Sarah Lawsky (Northwestern)
  • Leigh Osofsky (North Carolina)

Panel #2: Taxing Robots

  • Stephanie Hoffer (Ohio State)
  • Robert Kovacev (Norton, Rose, Fulbright)

Keynote Address: Nina Olson (National Taxpayer Advocate)

Panel #3: AI, the Labor Market, and Tax

  • Daniel Hemel (Chicago)
  • Anton Korinek (Virginia)
  • Jackie Taylor (Ernst & Young)

Panel #4: AI in Tax Compliance and Enforcement

  • Jeff Butler (Director Data Management, Research, Applied Analytics, and Statistics, IRS)
  • Susan Morse (Texas)
  • Omri Marian (UC-Irvine)

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