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Thursday, March 14, 2019

New Hampshire Is Ninth Law School To Offer Hybrid Online J.D., First With IP Focus

HybridUNH Hybrid JD:

Launching in fall 2019 UNH Law is offering a new Hybrid (online and residential) JD Program with an Intellectual Property and Technology Law focus. This innovative program allows JD students to complete required coursework through both synchronous and asynchronous online channels with minimal residential requirements (only needing to come to campus for select and well-planned periods of residency each term), replacing the need to relocate to New Hampshire to earn their law degree.

Law’s ABA-approved Hybrid JD Program is aimed at professionals who work in intellectual property and technology-intensive fields, an area where UNH Law has been a top-ranked program since its founding and where our faculty are internationally recognized experts. The program innovatively creates the first Hybrid JD tailored to a specific area of law—in this case, intellectual property, technology, and information law.

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Surely this cannot be tied to UNH / Franklin Pierce Law's utterly collapse in applicants this decade, from 1,247 completed applications in 2011 to just 471 for 2018; a collapse that has halved total enrollment over that time. Combined with a gigantic increase in discounted tuition - 66.3% of students receiving a median grant of $10k in 2011 up to 97% of students receiving a median grant of $26k in 2018 - and one can see the outlines of a law school almost certainly hemorrhaging money (that it is hemorrhaging students is not in doubt) and grasping at straws to pull itself back from financial exigency or worse.

Posted by: Unemployed Northeastern | Mar 14, 2019 12:35:06 PM