Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Vorsatz Delivers Tax Lecture On Globalization: Expanding Your Business Across The World Today At San Francisco

Vorsatz2019 E. L. Wiegand Annual Visiting Fellow Mark Vorsatz Discusses Globalization: Expanding Your Business Across the World:

Mark Vorsatz, CEO and managing director of Andersen Tax, will discuss the explosive growth of international businesses over the past 20 years, providing a first-hand account of how Andersen has accomplished its own rapid expansion. Competition for serving clients is evolving and competitors are emerging for firms needing service capabilities outside the U.S. Globalization of business has had a significant impact on the legal and tax professions, and how firms are managed.

He will discuss the importance of seamless service capabilities in multiple jurisdictions, new competition for international business, and firm management in order to service clients that have requirements in multiple jurisdictions.

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