Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Ten Law Schools With The Highest Non-JD Enrollment

Following up on my previous post, 1L Enrollment Increased 3%, Non-JD Enrollment Surged 8% In Fall 2018:, Here's a Look at the 10 Law Schools With Highest Non-JD Enrollment:

Collectively, law schools are enrolling more non-J.D. students than ever before. The number of law school students who are pursuing LL.M. and masters in law degrees has doubled over the past decade. Today, 14 percent of enrolled students nationwide aren’t in J.D. programs. That figure had been inching up before 2008, but took off when the applicant pool for J.D. programs shrunk and law schools needed to find alternative ways to fill their seats and coffers. This fall, law schools enrolled 18,523 non-J.D. students, representing an 8 percent increase over 2017. Of those non-J.D. students, 5,588 were in online degree programs. Here are the 10 law schools with the highest percentage of students outside the traditional J.D. program, according to the latest figures from the American Bar Association [3 of the schools are ranked by U.S. News in the Top 20, 4 of the schools are ranked 40-65, and 3 of the schools are ranked below 146]:

1. Arizona 78%
2. Regent 64%
3. Liberty 51%
4. USC 49%
5. Washington U. 44%
6. Appalachian 41%
7. Pepperdine 38%
8. Seton Hall 38%
9. NYU 37%
10. Oklahoma 37%

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