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Monday, January 28, 2019

The 'Magnificent 7' Business Schools All Report Declines In Applications

Following up on my previous posts:

Poets & Quants, New M7 Data, Familiar Magnificence:

[T]he M7 — the “Magnificent,” or “Magic,” 7 schools long considered the elite of the elite — ... are ranked in the top 10 in just about every ranking that matters of U.S. schools, and in the top 20 globally. And even as forces beyond the control of the masters of the biz ed universe buffet mid- and lower-tier schools’ MBA programs, the M7 continue to be bastions of strength, in admissions as well as academics. They are talent magnets, and probably always will be.

But even kings have their problems. Looking at the bundle of 2018 school data, amid the usual mountain of superlatives is at least one glaring soft spot that the M7’s deans must puzzle over: a weakening of international interest in attending a U.S. school, which has contributed to a widespread slump in application volume that even the top schools have not escaped. It’s no longer a mystery why it's happening; but even in the rarefied air of the best of the best, the reality of a long-term downturn in the MBA landscape can’t be ignored.



Application Decline


Chicago (Booth)



Penn (Wharton)









MIT (Sloan)



Northwestern (Kellogg)





It’s been said that Poets&Quants and others write too much about the M7, but there ‘s a simple reason: People care. Haters are gonna hate, but they also love to read about what they hate. And alumni of the M7 love to read about their alma maters.

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