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Friday, January 11, 2019

The Bar Exam Of The Future Offers Plenty To Be Excited About

UBE (2018)Texas Lawyer, The Bar Exam of the Future Offers Plenty to Be Excited About:

A new era is on the horizon for Texas law graduates taking the bar exam—but many current and prospective law students might not know anything about it.

The Texas Supreme Court has approved a recommendation to replace the Texas bar exam with the Uniform Bar Examination, effective in February 2021. It’s a big deal, because reciprocity will allow graduates to transfer UBE scores to 34 other states. Another perk is the fewer topics and essay questions than the existing Texas bar exam. ...

[C]urrent 1Ls ... will be sitting for the UBE in July 2021, and anyone graduating in December 2020 ... [will] be taking the February 2021 exam.

They may have an easier time cramming than their predecessors and might even perform better, said James McGrath, associate dean of academic support, bar passage and compliance at Texas A&M University School of Law.

“I think it’s a more manageable list of subjects to have to study post-graduation,” he said, explaining that the Uniform Bar Exam queries test-takers on 14 topics rather than 20, and has six essays rather than 12, as on the current Texas bar exam.

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