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Friday, January 25, 2019

Shutdown Imperils D.C. Bar Exam, Swearing-In Postponed

ShutdownNational Law Journal, Shutdown Imperils DC Bar Exam, Swearing-In Postponed:

Law graduates who expected to sit for the bar exam in the District of Columbia next month are in limbo, awaiting official word on whether the test will take place amid the partial shutdown of the federal government.

The District of Columbia Courts’ Committee on Admissions is closed due to the shutdown, and it warned test takers earlier this month that the exam could also be impacted. In a message on its website, the committee said it was still planning to administer the exam on Feb. 26-27, but that it was “closely monitoring any new developments with the federal government shutdown.” The status of the exam could change, it warned. (The federal government controls the funding for D.C., which has a dispensation to keep essential functions operating amid shutdowns.)

On Tuesday, the National Conference of Bar Examiners said it was aware of the situation and looking for potential solutions. But it clarified that it cannot step in to administer the exam should the shutdown persist, because registration and administration for the bar is handled by individual jurisdictions.

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Yesterday, the Tennessee Supreme Court ordered its Board of Law Examiners to reopen its application period for the February Bar Exam so as to allow DC applicant examinees the opportunity to sit for a bar exam should the shutdown imperil this group of examinees.

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