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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Paul Weiss Tax Partner, Who Retired 35 Years Ago, Still Works In Office At Age 106

Paul WeissNew York Law Journal, Paul Weiss Partner, Who Retired 35 Years Ago, Still Works in Office at Age 106:

When he turned 106, Mordie Rochlin, dressed impeccably in a suit, held court for more than two hours at his favorite neighborhood restaurant, the Toledo, as Paul Weiss chairman Brad Karp and a handful of guests listened in rapt attention.

A tax and estates lawyer who retired 35 years ago but still works at the office, Rochlin is the only man alive who knew all five Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison name partners. And whether he’s recalling hearing tenor Enrico Caruso singing “Over There” at a war bonds rally, watching a horse-drawn fire carriage race down Columbus Avenue, leaving first grade early to celebrate Armistice Day or learning of the death of legal legend Louis Stixx Weiss, he recreates the moment in such vivid detail that it’s mesmerizing.

“Mordie is a treasure. He is a repository of the firm’s great history, having worked at the firm for more than 80 years,” said Karp, who was only a summer associate when Rochlin retired in 1983. ...

[I]t’s more than Rochlin’s age that sets him apart. Until he contracted pneumonia at age 102, he worked in his tidy Paul Weiss office on the 32nd floor three or more days a week reading company email, working with his assistant, attending partner lunches, telling stories about the early days and sharing the keys to his longevity.

“I had been taught by a very wise doctor when you start thinking of retiring, get a plan of what you’re going to do when you retire. My mode of retirement was that I would spend four days a week up at my weekend house and then three days practicing law,” he said in a recent interview. ...

He can picture his days at Columbia Law School, where he received all As and one B or B- in a course on taxation. He was surprised when he was named the Kent Scholar after his third year. “It’s like being 106 years old. I never believed I’d make it,” he says.

Check out the wonderful video of Mordie here.

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