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Thursday, January 17, 2019

ABA Tax Section Midyear Meeting

ABA 3The ABA Tax Section Midyear Meeting kicks off today in New Orleans. Two highlights are:

Teaching Taxation: Tax Advice in the Age of the 24-Hour News Cycle
Recent instances of exposure by the press of aggressive tax planning and tax avoidance by prominent businesses, individuals or families raise unique substantive, ethical, and other legal issues for the tax community. Practitioners advising famous clients may need to assess not only the likelihood of future examinations, but also public disclosure due to whistleblowers, cooperators, and data leaks. Reporters investigating past tax compliance may recruit tax professionals for technical assistance and expertise to uncover suspect transactions, unreported income, or improper deductions or credits. The release of such information, and related commentary from various media outlets, may pressure Federal and state tax authorities, law enforcement officials, or regulators to open audits or investigations that could result in substantial tax adjustments and/or various civil and criminal penalties. This panel will explore these issues from a variety of perspectives.

  • Caroline Ciraolo (Kostelanetz & Fink, Washington, D.C.)
  • David Cay Johnston (
  • Michael Lang (Chapman) 
  • Michael Plowgian (KPMG, Washington, D.C.)
  • Kerry Ryan (St. Louis) (Chair)
  • Lee-Ford Tritt (Florida) (moderator)

Teaching Taxation: Current Developments in Individual, Corporate, Partnership, and Estate & Gift Taxation
This session will review the most significant statutory enactments, judicial decisions, IRS rulings,
and Treasury regulations promulgated during the last twelve months that affect general income
taxation, corporate taxation, partnership taxation, wealth transfer taxation, and tax procedure.

  • Elaine Gagliardi (Montana)
  • Philip Hackney (Pittsburgh)
  • Bruce McGovern (South Texas) (moderator)

Other Tax Prof speakers include:

  • Anne Bauer (Pittsburgh)
  • Linda Beale (Wayne State)
  • Leslie Book (Villanova)
  • Caroline Bruckner (American)
  • Bryan Camp (Texas Tech)
  • Brannon Denning (Cumberland)
  • Keith Fogg (Harvard)
  • Jonathan Forman (Oklahoma)
  • Anthony Infanti (Pittsburgh)
  • Kathryn Kennedy (John Marshall-Chicago)
  • Michael Lang (Chapman)
  • Khrista McCarden (Tulane)
  • William Quigley (Loyola-New Orleans)
  • Diane Ring (Boston College)
  • Ron Scalise (Tulane)
  • Kathryn Sedo (Minnesota)
  • Patrick Thomas (Notre Dame)

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