Paul L. Caron

Saturday, December 15, 2018

1L Enrollment Increased 3%, Non-JD Enrollment Surged 8% In Fall 2018

Following up on yesterday's post, ABA Releases Data On All 203 Law Schools:  the ABA has released 2018 Standard 509 Information Report Data Overview. Although LSAT test-takers increased 18.1% this cycle and law school applicants increased 8.1%, Fall 2018 1L enrollment increased only 2.9%. Interestingly, non-JD enrollment continues to surge, up 8.2% this year.  In Law School JD Enrollment Inches Upward as Non-JD Enrollment Continues to Soar, Derek Muller again has great charts showing multi-year trends in total 1L enrollment (1973-74 to 2018-19), total JD enrollment (1973-74 to 2018-19), non-JD enrollment (1986-87 to 2018-19), non-JD enrollment as percentage of total enrollment (1986-87 to 2018-19), and non-JD enrollment, traditional v. online (2013-14 to 2018), as well as this chart showing the law schools with the highest non-JD enrollment as a percentage of total law school enrollment:


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