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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

UCLA Law Prof Files Lawsuit To Obtain UC Admissions Data

Wall Street Journal, Law Professor Seeks Data on Admissions at UC System:

A law professor and an Asian-American politician are suing the University of California for data they believe would reveal that the state university system is illegally using race in its admissions process.

The suit, filed Thursday in a California state court, asks for the socioeconomic and academic characteristics of applicants who enrolled in the nine undergraduate colleges that make up the University of California over the last 12 years. ...

Richard Sander, an economist and law professor at UCLA who brought the court action, has been researching race-based admissions for years. He says students are better off going to a school where they are close to the average rather than using admissions preferences to get into a more selective school where they are more likely to fail.

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