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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

70 Percent Of New Partners Are Dissatisfied With Their Job

American Lawyer, Some New Partners Are Troubled by Perceived Bias in the Workplace:

More than 70 percent of new partners surveyed said they were dissatisfied with some part of their partnership so far, and they were asked to pinpoint the reason. About one-tenth of respondents—9.6 percent—pointed to gender bias, and a similar number—10.1 percent—pointed to cronyism as the reason for their dissatisfaction. ... Only 1.4 percent of respondents said their dissatisfaction stemmed from racial bias, and less than 1 percent said it was due to sexual orientation bias. ...

Respondents were asked to rate their satisfaction with seven aspects of partnership. There were three areas where more than 10 percent of associates said they were “not at all satisfied”: work-life balance, compensation, and training and guidance.

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I am a white male, well off, and have a very nice wife and family, but i want everyone to know I feel terrible about it. Am I absolved now?

Posted by: Mike Livingston | Nov 21, 2018 1:31:00 PM