Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Adding One Credit To Contracts To Prepare All Law Students For Transactional Practice

Tina L. Stark, Transactional Skills Education: Mandated by the ABA Standards, 20 Transactions ___ (2019):

I explain why current ABA Standards require law schools to provide every student a foundation to practice transactional law. In addition, I urge individual schools to add at least one credit to the 1L Contracts course. Why? Because any graduate might join the estimated 50% of lawyers who spend all or part of their time doing transactional work. With respect to adding at least one credit to the 1L Contracts course, I was not, and am not, advocating that professors use the additional time to teach negotiation or drafting.

Instead, I propose that we allocate that time to teaching foundational knowledge that builds the infrastructure for additional transactional education. We need to give students a transactional perspective.

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