Paul L. Caron

Thursday, October 11, 2018

ABA Rejects Arizona Summit's Teachout Plan With Arizona State; Individualized Plans Required For Each Student To Finish Their JDs Elsewhere

Arizona Summit Logo (2015)Following up on my previous post:  AZ Central, Students of Struggling Law School Now Told They Can't All Finish Degrees at ASU:

Arizona Summit Law School's attempt to have all students finish their law degrees by taking classes at Arizona State University appears to be off.

An urgent email to the embattled school's students Friday said Arizona Summit's accreditor, the American Bar Association, has directed the school to develop "individualized plans" for each student to finish their degree.

"In other words, ASLS will not be partnering with ASU for ASU to 'teach out' ASLS students; instead, some of the remaining ASLS students (but not all) will be able to finish and take classes at ASU," stated the email from Stacey Pynn, who is identified on Arizona Summit's website as the career services counselor.

The email adds that some students (but not all) may be able to transfer to ASU. Others may be able to transfer to other law schools.

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