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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Committee Recommends Removal Of Boalt Name From UC-Berkeley Law School Building Due To John Boalt's 1870s Anti-Chinese Racism

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But Berkeley was a racist too wasn't he?

Posted by: Mike Livingston | Sep 12, 2018 4:51:18 AM

This is understandable and possibly necessary. I assume that the recommendation also included returning the land donation or its value with interest to the Boalt family,

Posted by: Mike Petrik | Sep 12, 2018 5:03:21 AM

...And I see we already have some concern trolls who are no doubt totally in favor of Edward Blum's (of Fisher and Shelby County infamy) lawsuit to eradicate affirmative action because 'it discriminates against Asian-Americans' yet are aghast here at the notion of a white guy's name being removed because of Asian-American prejudice.

Posted by: Unemployed Northeastern | Sep 12, 2018 9:14:57 AM

When we've sanitized history, the laudable traits and blemishes inherent to each of us, the eras that shaped individuals, we'll be blissfully ignorant to make all the mistakes anew with equal fervor.

Posted by: Tom N. | Sep 12, 2018 9:19:26 AM

@Tom N,

Indeed now that Germany has removed all mention of Nazis and Hitler from their buildings they have been erased from history.


Posted by: Unemployed Northeastern | Sep 13, 2018 3:24:00 PM

Yep, Robert E Lee = Hitler. Right.
When in 200 years our descendants look back in horror at an era when their ancestors used courts to create a right to kill their own unborn by the millions, they will have the perspective and decency to resist making cartoon villains out of the progressives who today are so eager to do so to their own ancestors.

Posted by: Mike Petrik | Sep 14, 2018 4:41:08 AM

Faculties are cesspits of the world's insufferable people.

Posted by: Art Deco | Sep 15, 2018 12:44:40 PM