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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Charlotte Law School Agrees To Pay $2.65m To Settle Accreditation Lawsuit

Charlotte Logo (2016)Law360, Law School Agrees To Pay $2.65M To End Accreditation Suit:

The Charlotte School of Law has agreed to pay $2.65 million to end a proposed class action alleging the shuttered school misrepresented and failed to inform students and prospective students about its compliance with American Bar Association standards and the status of its accreditation once the ABA had placed it on probation.

In a joint motion filed in North Carolina federal court, former students and the law school said Tuesday they had settled a consolidated proposed class action accusing the former institution of bilking students out of money even as it shirked its educational mission.

Students acknowledged that the settlement fund will not come close to reimbursing each of the 2,500 potential class members the average of $44,000 each spent on single year of tuition.

But given that the for-profit law school closed in 2017 and the host of suits seeking tens of millions of dollars from it, the students said they had to strike a prompt deal before the school's insurance and assets dry up.

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