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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Before The J.D.: Undergraduate Views On Law School, What Pushes Undergrads to Law School? It Ain't the Money.:

A highly anticipated new survey of thousands of undergraduates and first-year law students found that the top four most cited reasons for pursuing law school are: providing a pathway to a career in politics, government or public service; having a passion and high interest in legal work; creating opportunities to give back to others; and the desire to be an advocate for social change.

The study commissioned by the Association of American Law Schools, Before the J.D.: Undergraduate Views on Law Schoolfound that access to high-paying jobs was the fifth most-cited reason undergrads are interested in law schools, with 31 percent placing it among their top three reasons for seeking a law degree.

“I find this truly encouraging,” said Judith Areen, executive director of the AALS. “I was presently surprised with all the publicly spirited factors as reasons for going to law school. In a difficult time in our nation’s history, it was encouraging.” ...

Before the JD is based on responses from more than 22,000 undergraduates at 25 campuses, as well as nearly 2,800 first-year law students at 44 law schools. ...

Before the J.D. contains plenty of good news for law schools. For one, the proportion of undergraduates considering law school is larger than the number of people who actually graduate from law school. Among undergraduates considering an advanced degree, 15 percent said they are looking at a J.D. And law school draws interest from a relatively high percentage of undergraduates with grade-point averages of 3.0 and above, as compared to the grades of undergraduates interested in other advanced degrees, which skew lower.

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Given the surfeit of wide-eyed public service do-gooderism claptrap in there (if I go to Cooley I can practice International Constitutional Law in the Hague!), who wants to be the one to break it to these kids that through June of this year fewer than 300 of 28,000 PSLF applications were approved?

Posted by: Unemployed Northeastern | Sep 20, 2018 2:39:00 PM