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Thursday, August 9, 2018

 The IRS Has Rehired Hundreds of Fired Employees. Congress Should Step In.

Daily Signal, The IRS Has Rehired Hundreds of Fired Employees. Congress Should Step In.:

For one of the most punitive agencies in the federal government, the IRS sure is forgiving with its own employees.

Rep. Kristi Noem, R-S.D., has proposed a bill that would prevent the IRS from rehiring employees fired for misconduct or poor performance. The bill, titled the Ensuring Integrity in the IRS Workforce Act, follows a recent Treasury inspector general report that shows the IRS rehired more than 200 fired workers in a little over a year. A previous inspector general report proves this problem dates back to at least 2009.

According to the Treasury Department’s inspector general, the IRS did not provide officials responsible for hiring decisions with information about employment history, though that information is readily available.  ...

Faced with these findings, the IRS was unapologetic. In a response letter to the Inspector General’s Office, the IRS’ chief human capital officer wrote that the IRS “determined its current process is more than adequate to mitigate any risks to American taxpayers, federal agencies, and its employees.”

Given that the IRS refuses to change its hiring process, swift congressional action is necessary. And Noem’s bill has a good chance to pass. In fact, a previous version of this legislation passed the House, 345-78, a little more than two years ago. ... Noem’s legislation is a long-overdue correction to federal personnel practices tailored to fit workers, rather than meet the mission.

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Just so long as it does not involve support for conservatives. Those values will not be tolerated at the IRS!

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