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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Michael Cohen Told People He Went To Law School 'In Michigan'

MichiganFollowing up on my previous post:  New York Post Page Six, Michael Cohen Went to the Worst Law School in the Country:

One insider says Cohen used to tell people he went to law school in Michigan, implying he got his degree from the highly rated University of Michigan.

In fact, Cohen graduated from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School, now affiliated with Western Michigan University and recently ranked the worst law school in the country by the National Advisory Council for Law School Transparency.

National Law Journal, Like Michael Cohen, These Big Names Got Their Starts at Low-Tier Law Schools:

We've rounded up 10 household names who got their law degrees from schools outside—way outside—the so-called T-14.

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Did he pass the bar exam? Did he do so on his first attempt? Has he made a passable living practicing law in the last 27 years?

Posted by: Art Deco | Aug 7, 2018 11:39:35 AM

Cute way of putting lipstick on a pig!

I'm waiting for the guy who claims he went to law school "at Dartmouth". (Dartmouth, MA, is home of the former Southern New England School of Law, recently reborn as UMASS.)

Posted by: Old Ruster | Aug 6, 2018 3:47:51 PM

Is this any worse than going to law school
“near Boston”?

Posted by: Anon | Aug 4, 2018 10:39:51 AM

Cooley Alum, unfortunately this is a reality of the law and it won't change. I came from mathematics, where you could easily tell who was right and who was wrong and it definitely did not matter which school they went to. Some of the greatest mathematicians (Einstein) were self-taught. It's also like that in business, where a lot of outstanding businessmen come from bad schools, and where success is based on something objective -- profits.

But law is not like that. If you want to get away from this dynamic, my best advice is to do something involving jury trials, or go in-house where profits and performance matter more than your school.

Posted by: anon | Aug 3, 2018 9:48:23 PM

Gee, wonder if you have a bias in this (checks your username)

Posted by: anon | Aug 3, 2018 12:17:42 PM

So what? Who really cares other than elitist from the US News favorite law school group of highly ranked law schools. This ranking crap is the problem with the legal education model. It allows discrimination - keep in mind most of Cooley’a current student base is much more diverse ethnically. I hate articles like this - oh no someone cites the paid US News law school rankings and says Cooley is bottom tier harming thousands of alumni attempting to “gasp” better themselves with education from a school they felt conducive to their needs or locality in their self-righteousness they tear down many...shame on this writer for the stereotype of education discrimination.

Posted by: Cooley Alum | Aug 3, 2018 3:00:25 AM