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Monday, July 2, 2018

Malcolm Gladwell: 'SSRN Is The Greatest Website On The Internet — Page Six For Dorks'

SSRN Logo (2018)Malcolm Gladwell's 12 Rules For Life (beginning at 11:55):

SSRN:  in my opinion, the greatest website on the Internet. ... [In a prior episode,] I talked about my love of law review articles. Well, where do you think I read law review articles? Not in law reviews — are you kidding? Why would I wait two years for some dusty publications to put something out? I read them on SSRN because that's where everyone posts their articles the minute they finish. In Manhattan, for years the most important source of gossip was Page Six of the New York Post. SSRN is Page Six for dorks.

Gladwell made these observations in connection with the paper, Pulling the Goalie: Hockey and Investment Implications:

We build a simple, but powerful and intuitive, model for when a hockey coach should pull the goalie when trailing. When the model reports that the coaches aren’t doing it nearly early enough, we then ask why, and take away some key lessons for portfolio and risk management, and business in general.

PullGladwell reports that his mention of the paper led to so many downloads that it caused SSRN's servers to crash:


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The law review article referred to in the previous podcast is “Let’s mess with Texas” by Kesavan and Paulsen, available here:

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