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Monday, June 11, 2018

WSJ: What Do Presidents (And Deans) Do With Their School Swag When Their Terms End?

As I previously mentioned,  I was touched to find a kind note from my predecessor, Deanell Tacha, on my desk on June 1, 2017 when I began my stint as Dean of Pepperdine Law School.  She also sent me a wonderful gift:  a collection of ties in Pepperdine's colors:


The Wall Street Journal raised an issue I had not thought about:  Congrats on the New College Job. What Will You Do With All Those Orange Ties?:

College administrators often express their school spirit with colorful sartorial choices, representing the institution with ties, scarfs, dresses and jewelry, even shoes and belts when meeting with students or appearing at public events. Leaving for another school, or even for retirement, can be a shock to the closet. ...

Skeletons of schools past lurk in some closets.

Five years after leaving an administrative post at Princeton, Mark Burstein —now president at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wis.—said he still hasn’t found a good use of the 15-plus orange ties he owns. One problem, he says, is that the color clashes with Lawrence’s blue. For now, the neckwear is stuffed into a back corner of his closet. ...

For 6½ years, until she stepped down as president of Bowling Green State University this past December, Dr. Mazey donned brown slacks and orange jackets, blouses, scarfs and jewelry—even orange leather gloves in winter. She says she saw her wardrobe as an extension of the school’s branding and marketing efforts, and happened to find orange a “beautiful” color. Since retiring as president, Dr. Mazey says, “I have diversified my wardrobe some. I’ve found that I like blue.”

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