Paul L. Caron

Saturday, June 16, 2018

USC Is 20th Law School To Accept GRE For Admissions

GREUSC is the 20th U.S. law school to announce that it will accept the GRE for the 1L admissions. The other nineteen law schools are Arizona, Brooklyn, BYU, Cardozo, Chicago Kent, Columbia, Florida StateGeorgetown, Harvard, Hawaii, John Marshall (Chicago), Northwestern, Pace, Penn, St. John's, Texas A&M, UCLA, Wake Forest, and Washington University. Two law schools allow the GRE in limited circumstances:  Chicago (admissions committee may grant LSAT waiver) and Georgia (students enrolled in a dual degree program at the university).  (George Washington has rescinded its use of the GRE because it has not done a school-specific validation study.)

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