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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Median Tenure Of Law School Deans Is 3.35 Years

Rosenblatt's Deans Database has a wealth of information about law school deans.  The median tenure of the 209 currently serving law school deans is 3.35 years; the average tenure is 4.25 years.  The longest serving current deans are:

  1. John F. O'Brien (New England-Boston):  29.88 years
  2. Bradley J. B. Toben (Baylor):  26.50 years
  3. Don LeDuc (Western Michigan-Cooley):  21.99 years
  4. Katherine S. Broderick (District of Columbia):  18.79 years
  5. Harold J. Krent (Chicago-Kent):  15.36 years
  6. Aviam Soifer (Hawaii):  14.95 years
  7. Joseph D. Kearney (Marquette):  14.87 years
  8. Maureen O'Rouke (Boston University):  12.03 years
  9. Leticia M. Diaz (Barry):  11.34 years
  10. David F. Levi (Duke):  10.86 years
  11. Thomas J. Romig (Washburn): 10.86 years

Four of these deans have announced that they will be stepping down:

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Do you know whether these averages include interim deans (who are sometimes expected to serve 1-2 years), or only those hired as “deans”?

Posted by: Matt Lawrence | May 8, 2018 9:38:59 AM