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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Admissions, Accreditation and the ABA: An Analysis Of Recent Law School Lawsuits

David Frakt, Admissions, Accreditation and the ABA: An Analysis of Recent Law School Lawsuits:

Recently, the ABA has been sued by Western Michigan University Thomas Cooley School of Law, and two InfiLaw schools: Florida Coastal School of Law and the defunct Charlotte School of Law. In addition, the ABA was named as a co-defendant along with InfiLaw and Charlotte School of Law in an amended complaint filed in a fraud lawsuit by a former Charlotte law professor and a Charlotte law student. These lawsuits allege that the ABA has failed in its duties as a law school accrediting agency in a variety of ways.

In this (very long) article, I will attempt to make sense of the various allegations made against the ABA in these lawsuits.

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