Paul L. Caron

Monday, April 30, 2018

Vanderbilt Hosts Summit On Law And Innovation

SOLIVandyABA Journal, SoLI Summit and its Facilitators Seek to Spur Innovation in Legal Profession and Education:

Creating connections and collaborations between people across the legal world, including academics, practitioners, legal technology experts, and others. Moving the legal profession and legal education into the 21st century and beyond. Those are the goals of an April 30 summit at Vanderbilt Law School called SoLI: The Summit on Law and Innovation.

The goals are ambitious but necessary, say summit co-facilitators Caitlin (Cat) Moon and Larry Bridgesmith, adjunct professors at the school’s Program on Law & Innovation. “We think constantly about how do we reach out to the law-practicing community and help them and provide insight into the disruption that is taking place in legal services and technology,” Bridgesmith says.

The summit’s stated mission is “to build connections and break down silos between legal practitioners, educators, and technologists to create critical collaboration and fuel innovation.” Moon and Bridgesmith believe that different, creative minds must come together to help move the legal profession and legal education forward into the 21st century and beyond. ...

It’s not just the legal profession that needs a push forward. Legal education needs a similar boost, Moon says. “There is a general belief that legal education has not moved forward to match the demands of the 21st century,” she states. “It does not adequately prepare young lawyers for a modern practice. We want to create a point of collaboration between educators and practitioners so that people can work together.”

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