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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Five Types of Professors: Which One Are You?

Chronicle of Higher Education, The 5 Types of Professors: Which One Are You?:

Efforts to dictate or even describe the work habits of professors are often controversial. They also have a blind spot: Such exercises often fail to account for the different roles that faculty members fill.

That observation led a team of researchers from the Center for Postsecondary Research, at Indiana University at Bloomington, to examine the time that professors devote to the key components of professorial work: teaching, research, and service.

The report, Faculty Types and Effective Teaching: A Cautionary Exploration of How Faculty Spend their Time, maps out five core types of faculty members based on the relative amounts of time they spend on those three core areas of work. It captures a more nuanced view of faculty roles than job titles provide.


Here’s what the researchers found about the five types:

  • Classic faculty:  16.3 percent of professors, 53.5-hour average workweek. ...
  • Teaching-heavy faculty:  32.5 percent of professors, 38.6-hour average workweek. ...
  • Research-heavy faculty:  15.5 percent of professors, 42.8-hour average workweek. ...
  • Service-heavy faculty:  9 percent of professors, 52.4-hour workweek. ...
  • Moderate-load faculty:  26.7 percent of professors, 27.6-hour workweek.

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