Paul L. Caron

Friday, April 13, 2018

No Consensus Among Pre-Law Students On Use Of The GRE In Law School Admissions

KaplanKaplan Test Prep Survey, No Consensus Among Pre-Law Students on Law Schools Accepting the GRE for Admission:

As momentum builds among law schools to allow applicants to submit GRE scores instead of LSAT® scores, those most directly impacted by the admissions policy are largely split on the issue. A Kaplan Test Prep survey of nearly 2,000 pre-law students finds them roughly evenly divided: 39 percent are against law schools offering applicants a GRE option; 33 percent are in favor of it; and 28 percent are unsure*. The survey also found aspiring lawyers divided on taking the GRE had they been given the option, with 28 percent saying they would have; 28 percent saying they would not have; and 44 percent unsure.

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