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Monday, April 16, 2018

Muller: Visualizing Law School Employment Outcomes In Florida, Pennsylvania, And Texas

Derek Muller (Pepperdine) has published several posts (with great charts and tables) in his annual series visualizing employment outcomes of law school graduates in various states:  Florida, (the Top 5 continue to be Florida, Miami, Florida International, Florida State, and Stetson), Pennsylvania (Penn continues to dominate), and Texas (the Top 3 continue to be Texas, Baylor, and SMU).

To me, the most interesting story is how Florida International continues its remarkable performance in bar passage and jobs.  I previously blogged July 2017 Florida Bar Exam Results: Florida International Is #1 For 4th Year In A Row.  Derek's data show Florida International #3 in the state in full credit jobs — the second year in a row it has topped the much higher ranked Florida State:

Top 5

Florida International outperforms its 101 U.S. News overall ranking (and 127 peer assesssment ranking) and is one of the only law schools in the country to maintain the academic credentials of its students since 2010 without significantly reducing the size of its 1L class:


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