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Friday, April 13, 2018

Brown Presents The Hegemony Of International Tax Reform Today At Georgetown

Brown (Karen)Karen B. Brown (George Washington) presents The Hegemony of International Tax Reform at Georgetown today as part of its Tax Law and Public Finance Workshop Series hosted by Lilian Faulhaber and Itai Grinberg:

The vast needs of the developing world, especially after the great recession of 2008, underscore the urgency of allowing these countries a meaningful voice in international tax reform. Twentyfirst century international tax reform has diminished power to conquer the challenges of the global marketplace when it ignores, minimizes, or undervalues the perspective and input of developing countries. The continued export of terrorism and the rising tide of political and economic refugees from these neglected areas of the world will shed a harsh light on efforts to ignore the importance of these nations to the economic and political stability of the remainder of the world.

Part I of this article briefly examines efforts of the OECD, G20, and other dominant tax policy makers to promulgate international standards through the BEPS and other initiatives. Part II weighs the benefits and burdens placed on developing countries by this wave of international tax reform. Part III considers multilateral proposals that take an international (as opposed to separate regime) approach to reform. The article concludes by considering international tax reform projects that take into account the needs of developing countries.

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