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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Arkansas, Kentucky Move To Curtail Tenure

AKArkansas Online, UA Board of Trustees Approves Update to Tenure Policy:

An update to a University of Arkansas System policy for the dismissal of tenured faculty was approved by trustees Thursday.

The revision lists 12 examples of reasons for dismissal or discipline. The previous policy listed four and stated that examples "include (but are not limited to) incompetence, neglect of duty, intellectual dishonesty, and moral turpitude." ...

The policy update states that an "unsatisfactory performance" review will lead to faculty being placed in a remediation plan, with the policy taking effect July 1, 2019. Then, if in the next annual review there is not an overall satisfactory performance or no "meaningful progress," the faculty member "may be issued a notice of dismissal on twelve months' notice."

Louisville Courier-Journal, Tenured Kentucky Professors Could be Fired Under a Late Addition to the State Budget:

College professors in Kentucky are furious after learning language was reintroduced in the state budget that would allow universities to fire tenured faculty when making financial cuts.

The provision, added by state Sen. Chris McDaniel, would allow public colleges and universities to remove positions if it changes or eliminates an academic program.

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