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Monday, March 5, 2018

Rob Anderson And Rick Cupp Receive Pepperdine Faculty Scholarship Award

ACCongratulations to the recipients of the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship, announced at our 45th Annual Pepperdine Law School Dinner on  Saturday night:

The Dean makes the selection after considering the recommendation made by the Award Selection Committee, which consists of (1) the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, and (2) two to four faculty members, selected by the Dean, who have strong national scholarly reputations. The Committee’s recommendation is based primarily upon the originality of the scholarly work and the importance of its contribution to the academic literature. This year's co-winners are:

Prior winners:

2017 Awards
Kris Knaplund
Ed Larson
Bob Pushaw

2016 Awards
Derek Muller
Victoria Schwartz
Maureen Weston

2015 Awards
David Han
Greg McNeal

2014 Awards
Trey Childress
Michael Helfand

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