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Friday, March 23, 2018

Pepperdine Hosts Symposium Today On Federalism: Past, Present, And Future

PeppPepperdine hosts a symposium today on Federalism: Past, Present, and Future:

During a period where federal and state policy appears to be changing at an ever-faster pace, how should we think about federalism? What can our experiences with federalism teach us today? And how should we think about federalism in the years ahead? Can attorneys, scholars, and lawmakers from diverse viewpoints agree on neutral federalism principles?

Panel #1:  Federalism Framing

  • Bob Pushaw (Pepperdine) (moderator)
  • Molly Brady (Virginia)
  • Jennifer Chacon (UC-Irvine)
  • Andy Hessick (North Carolina)
  • John Yoo (UC-Berkeley)

Panel #2:  Election Law

  • Derek Muller (Pepperdine) (moderator)
  • Eugene Mazo (Rutgers)
  • Michael Morley (Barry)
  • Franita Tolson (USC)
  • Ciara Torres-Spelliscy (Stetson)

Keynote Address:  Kurt Lash (Richmond)

Panel #3:  Privacy Law

  • Victoria Schwartz (Pepperdine) (moderator)
  • Babette Boliek (Pepperdine)
  • Margaret Hu (Washington & Lee)
  • Craig Konnoth (Colorado)
  • Paul Secunda (Marquette)

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