Paul L. Caron

Monday, March 26, 2018

Boston College-Tulane Tax Roundtable

BC TulaneBoston College hosted the annual Boston College-Tulane Tax Roundtable on Friday:

James Alm (Tulane), Is the Haig-Simons Standard Dead? The Uneasy Case for a Comprehensive Income Tax
Discussant: Rebecca Kysar (Brooklyn)

Thomas Brennan (Harvard), Debt and Equity Taxation: A Combined Economic and Legal Perspective
Discussant: James Repetti (Boston College)

Heather Field (UC Hastings), Tax Lawyers as Tax Insurance
Discussant: Natalya Shnitser (Boston College)

Yehonatan Givati (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Theories of Tax Deductions: Income Measurement versus Efficiency
Discussant: Steve Sheffrin (Tulane)

Rebecca Kysar (Brooklyn), Tax Reform and the Budget Process
Discussant: Daniel Shaviro (NYU)

Shu-Yi Oei (Boston College), Whose Tax Law Is It? Constituencies and Control in Statutory Drafting (with Leigh Osofsky (Miami))
Discussant: Heather Field (UC Hastings)

Daniel Shaviro (NYU), Does the United States Now Have a “Territorial” Tax System?
Discussant: Diane Ring (Boston College)

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