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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Northwestern Offers 6-8 Graduate Tax Program Tuition Scholarships ($64k) To Serve As Student Editors Of The Tax Lawyer

Northwestern Tax LawyerFollowing up on last week's post, After 50 Years, ABA Tax Section Shifts Publication Of The Tax Lawyer From Georgetown To Northwestern:  Philip Postlewaite (Director, Northwestern's Graduate Tax Program):

Along with Karen Hawkins, the current Chair of the ABA Tax Section, I am proud to announce that The Tax Lawyer, the flagship journal of the ABA’s Tax Section, will be moving to Northwestern in the fall of 2018. We look forward to the beginning of a close and engaging relationship with the Editorial Board and the Council of the ABA Tax Section. David Cameron will become the Faculty Editor, supervising student and faculty involvement in the publication process.

In order to assist in the publication of The Tax Lawyer, Northwestern will select a six-to-eight member Student Editorial Board from among the admitted students in each of our future LLM classes. In order to encourage highly-qualified applicants to apply to, and matriculate at, Northwestern and to serve as student editors, we have created The Northwestern Pritzker Dean’s Scholarship Fund. Importantly, Dean’s Scholars will receive scholarships equal to the cost of tuition [$63,558] at Northwestern.

These scholarships will be awarded to applicants who have outstanding academic records at their JD institutions and who have tax or tax-related experience in the real world or who demonstrate exceptional promise for work in the Tax Program.

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