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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Houston Hosts Conference On Federal Pricing Of Carbon: Tax v. Cap and Trade

Houston (2017)The International Fiscal Association (IFA), University of Houston Environment, Energy & Natural Resources Center, Duke Energy Institute, the UH Energy Institute, and Duke University Nicholas Institute host a two-day conference on Federal Pricing of Carbon: Tax v. Cap and Trade. Today's tax panels:

Considering a Carbon Tax and Cap and Trade:

  • Bret Wells (Hosuton) (moderator)
  • Larry Zelenak (Duke), Overview of Carbon Tax
  • Tracey Roberts (Cumberland), Overview of Cap & Trade and Basic Design Components of the Two Systems
  • Michael Wara (Stanford), Evolution to Hybrid Systems and How Those Systems Handle Price Versus Quantity Uncertainty
  • Brian Murray (Duke), Quantity Instruments and How Complementary Regimes Could Work
  • Diane Kraal (Monash), The Australian Experience With a Carbon Tax System
  • Victor Flatt (Houston), Carbon Pricing and the Energy Industry; The Political Economy of Tax v. Cap and Trade

International Implications of a Carbon Regime:

  • Reuven Avi-Yonah (Michigan)
  • Commentators: Billy Pizer (Duke) & Bret Wells (Houston)

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