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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Shanghai Law Students Seek To Oust Former Case Western Dean, Say #MeToo Movement Should Apply In China

Mitchell 2Following up on my previous posts (links below):  Cleveland Scene, Disgraced Former CWRU Law Dean Lawrence Mitchell is Now a Professor in Shanghai:

In 2014, Case Western Reserve University Law School Dean Lawrence Mitchell resigned amidst a lawsuit alleging rampant sexual impropriety and retaliation against a professor who tried to blow the whistle.

The salacious details of that suit — including Mitchell's repeated attempts to enlist students and underlings in threesomes — and the complicity of CWRU administrators, including President Barbara Snyder, were chronicled in this 2014 Scene feature story. The suit was settled two months after publication. ...

He is now a professor of Law at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SHUFE) in China, and students have lately learned of his past (un)professional conduct. ... One student suggested in an email that China should not be excluded from the #MeToo movement and cited two recent cases in Chinese higher education where professors had been removed due to accusations of sexual harassment. Some SHUFE students are now trying to raise awareness about Mitchell.

"We believe that there should be no room for Lawrence Mitchell to secure any faculty position," the student wrote in an email, "as he is extremely dangerous to female students."

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MeToo is a big issue in China. NYT reported that Government had tried to silence people who raised it. I don't know anything about this particular case.

Posted by: mike livingston | Feb 7, 2018 3:21:50 AM

Mitchell lost his job and his professional reputation. He had to travel more than 7,000 miles, halfway around the world, to find another job which was a significant step down from his last post.

He's suffered for what he did. He'd be very foolish to try anything again. Unless there's evidence of specific inappropriate behavior, let bygones be bygones.

Should he never work again and be homeless and starve and be unable to obtain health insurance?

Who exactly is that supposed to help?

Posted by: Have mercy | Feb 7, 2018 7:06:44 PM

@Have mercy

"Who exactly is that supposed to help?"

The people who don't want to be sexually molested by him.

Posted by: waldmarchen | Feb 8, 2018 5:21:24 AM

"The people who don't want to be sexually molested by him."

Someone doesn't understand the concept of reformation.

Posted by: guilty until proven innocent | Feb 11, 2018 6:00:20 PM

It's awfully impressive how the "descriptor" commenter in these threads can consistently be wrong about everything.

Posted by: Unemployed Northeastern | Feb 12, 2018 10:06:42 AM