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Friday, February 9, 2018

Call For Proposals: Association For Mid-Career Tax Law Professors

The Association for Mid-Career Tax Law Professors (“AMT”) has issued a Call for Proposals:

Mid-Careerhe 2018 AMT organizing committee—Jordan Barry (San Diego), Mirit Eyal-Cohen (Alabama), Brian Galle (Georgetown), Charlene Luke (Florida), and Leigh Osofsky (Miami, moving to North Carolina)—welcomes proposals for our annual conference.

AMT is a recurring conference intended to bring together relatively recently tenured professors of tax law for frank and free-wheeling scholarly discussion. Our fourth annual meeting will be held on Monday and Tuesday, May 21 and 22, 2018, on and near the campus of Georgetown University Law Center. We’ll begin early on Monday and adjourn by noon on Tuesday. We remind travelers that GULC, the nation’s only “law center,” is deep in the swamp (i.e., on Capitol Hill), not in the Georgetown neighborhood.

2015 Conference at Ohio State (Day 1Day 2)
2016 Conference at UC-Davis (Day 1Day 2)
2017 Conference at Arkansas (Day 1, Day 2)

Thanks to the support of the Law Center, AMT is able to provide attendees with conference meals and refreshments. Attendees will be expected to cover remaining expenses incurred while away from home in the pursuit of their trade or business. Conference-rate housing will be available. AMT takes no position on whether recent TCJA provisions affect the potential deductibility of these expenses; consult your tax professional or the TaxProf listserv.

Eligible participants are those who have been voted tenure by a graduate-degree-granting institution within the past ten years (as of May 21, 2018). Send in your proposal now!

Proposals should provide a brief description (not to exceed one double-spaced page) of a working paper or “incubator” idea that the participant would present at the conference. Participants are expected to read all of the presented papers, and each will serve as lead discussant for one paper. In your proposal, please note additional areas of topical interest for which you would be willing to serve as discussant. In the spirit of recent legislative efforts, the committee can commit to assembling the final program hastily behind closed doors without a formal hearing; there will be no revenue estimates.

Proposals may be submitted to: eam303@georgetown~dot~edu under the subject header “AMT Proposal.” Proposals should be received no later than 5 pm EST on Thursday, March 1, 2018.

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