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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Bill Belichick's Five Leadership Lessons

BelichekCNBC, 5 Lessons Bill Belichick's New England Patriots Can Teach You About Leadership:

After following this team for 15 years, there are five lessons from this organization that I continue to embrace in my daily life.

Lesson #1:  Do your job. But stay flexible enough to take on new jobs quickly 
"Do your job" is something Belichick says constantly to refocus his team's efforts on the field. It means complete your assignments, execute to the best of your ability and trust that your teammates will do the same. In a company, that is the only way a team can be successful.

But the Patriots take it a step further. With the Patriots your job may change from week to week. ...

In life, the only thing that is certain in the future is that things will change.

The Patriots are built to embrace change. Your team should be too. 

Lesson #2:  Play the long game ...
When evaluating players, Belichick cares only about their future potential production. He often cuts popular veterans and replaces them with more cost-effective options that will benefit the team for a longer period of time. ...

Lesson #3:  Push your top performers, use them to set an example ...
"I believe to have a championship team you want to have a championship team in every area, whether that's your starting quarterback, your strength coach, your medical staff, your area scouts, whatever it happens to be," Belichick said during his near 40-minute address. "We're trying to work at a championship level of performance in every one of those areas."

If you show that your best employees are still continuously pushed to improve, it makes it clear to the entire organization that the bar is set high. This leads to quality output.

Lesson #4:  Put your team members in the best position to succeed
Bill Belichick often says to scouts, "Tell me what the guy can do, don't tell me what he can't do, and we'll find a way to put that positive skill set in the defense and not ask him to be in a position where he can fail." ...

In your organization, make sure you're investing in building robust training, development and retention systems. It's important to know how to use the talent at your disposal, and also to have systems in place to train and develop new team members so they can succeed.

Lesson #5:  Respect your competition
Before every game, Belichick praises the competition, no matter how poor their record may be. ... Ensure that your team continues to have respect for the opposition so they continue to put in the work that made them winners in the first place.

(Hat Tip: Trey Childress.)

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Lesson 6: Don't play the Eagles.

Posted by: mike livingston | Feb 13, 2018 4:20:00 AM

Didn't this guy just lose to a backup quarterback? Oh, and don't forget Belichick Rule #6: Break, don't bend the rules.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 13, 2018 7:31:36 AM