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Saturday, February 3, 2018

AALS, LSAC Join Forces To Promote Interest In Law School

AALSLSACABA Journal, Project by LSAC, Law Schools Association Aims to Boost Understanding—And Appeal—of Law Profession:

The Law School Admission Council and the Association of American Law Schools are coming together on a project to improve how the public sees the prospects of a legal education and the legal profession.

Consisting of “multiple web-based and social media initiatives” the two groups say in a press release, they want “to leverage both organizations’ substantial platforms to reach a wider audience of prospective students and others interested in law.”

The plan is to create a digital strategy that includes a new website and social media campaign to reach potential law students early, either before or during their undergraduate years. The campaign will provide information on what happens on law campuses, possible uses of a law degree, and the law school application process.

The two organizations will also work together to improve resources for college prelaw advisers and their students.

“Law is often seen pretty narrowly by society,” said Kellye Testy, LSAC’s president and CEO. “The effort is really to help broaden public understanding of law and thereby help especially high schoolers and college students understand that maybe they can match the passion they have for something with law study in a way that they may have not understood before.”

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