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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Who Had Dan Markel Killed?

Markel 3The Forward, Who Had Dan Markel Killed?:

[O]bservers have accused the Adelsons of planning the hit on Markel. The Adelsons have called the accusations a “fanciful fiction.”

It is possible that Wendi Adelson had no idea about a planned hit on her ex-husband. Police testimony suggests that Charlie Adelson joked about having Markel killed. Wendi Adelson also told People magazine that an ex-boyfriend from after her divorce, a law professor named Jeffrey Lacasse, may have had something to do with it.

“I’m the paranoid ex-boyfriend,” Lacasse reportedly told the police. “I was surprised that you guys didn’t call me earlier, though, because I probably said a hundred times that I’d like to kick his ass because he kept, like, really making Wendi suffer.”

Both Rivera and Magbanua have yet to go to trial for the murder. Magbanua’s trial was recently moved to October after it was scheduled to begin on January 22. Garcia’s trial was originally set for December 2017 but was moved to July of this year.

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The original story that is copied/linked to here has been corrected.
eg This story was updated January 24, 2018 to reflect prior reporting that Lacasse was not a suspect.
May want to update your content as well

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