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Friday, January 12, 2018

The IRS Scandal, Day 1709: Victims Of IRS's Tea Party Bias — And Taxpayers — Deserve To See Lois Lerner's Testimony

IRS Logo 2Forbes, Victims Of IRS's Tea Party Bias — And Taxpayers — Must See Lois Lerner's Testimony, Lawyer Says:

Lois Lerner, formerly of the Internal Revenue Service when it discriminated against applicants for tax exemptions based on their viewpoints, claims Americans have no right to read statements she made under oath about why she did it.

Lerner, the former director of the IRS’s Exempt Organizations Division, wants U. S. District Judge Michael Barrett to maintain under seal a deposition she gave in June for a civil suit that victims brought in 2013. Unsealing it would place her safety in jeopardy, she says.

Her former IRS colleague, Holly Paz, seeks the same after they targeted groups with “tea party” names and groups that didn’t like how the government was run.

Among those opposed are the very plaintiffs who sued the IRS in Barrett’s Ohio court. Attorney Edward Greim, who represents the Norcal Tea Party Patriots, says a pending settlement in their case shouldn’t create a reason for the depositions to stay secret. “Class members must know the content of their testimony to consider the fairness of the settlement, and the public must have access to help ensure that similar conduct never occurs again,” he wrote in November. ...

He’s not alone. It was the Cincinnati Enquirer that moved to unseal the depositions on Oct. 25, the same day a proposed settlement was announced to the court. The state of Ohio and the Judicial Watch group in Washington have also moved for leave to argue for unsealing as friends of the court. ...

Lerner and Paz have said the release of their depositions “would expose them and their families to harassment and threat of serious bodily injury or even death.”

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At the time she did not think it wrong to do what she did... or did she and then go about doing it anyhow?

What is it about petty bureaucrats with a bit of authority...

I'll stand my ground on anything I've done with my life, warts and all. If Lois Lerner won't do the same, then she is guilty at best of poor judgement, and likely much worse.

Time to let the sun shine into this dark corner of American bureaucratic excess.


BTW - Thank you Paul Caron for continuing to maintain TaxProf IRS Scandal documentation; certainly a labor of love.

Posted by: Sandy Daze | Jan 12, 2018 8:18:14 AM

no government employee's testimony should be sealed or kept from public view when it regards their actions as employees.
this is not a national security issue

Posted by: Deserttrek | Jan 12, 2018 8:09:05 AM