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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

ABA Journal: Judge Accused Of Bullying Law Students For Sex

ABA Journal (2014)ABA Journal, Italian Judge Accused of Bullying Law Students for Sex:

After accusations that he pressured female students for sex, made merit scholarship recipients sign secrecy and loyalty oaths and implemented a dress code that mandated miniskirts for women, an Italian judge and law school leader has been barred from teaching and faces removal from the bench.

Francesco Bellomo, who the Washington Post says sits on one of the country’s highest courts, was also director of Diritto e Scienza, a school that prepares students for the state exam to become a judge.

Italy’s Council of the State, the country’s top administrative justice body and where Bellomo works, is investigating allegations that Bellomo used his authority to have sex with female students. That itself is not illegal in Italy, according to the Washington Post. But when the female students tried to break off their relationships with Bellomo, he allegedly put private information about their lives in the school’s academic journal or threatened them with frivolous legal action, the Post reported.

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