Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Leiter: 11 Tax Profs Blow Up The SSRN Download Rankings

SSRN LogoBrian Leiter (Chicago), SSRN Download Rankings Now Measure Mentions in Newspapers:

The top 11 "most downloaded" law authors in the last 12 months are eleven tax professors who co-authored two papers on the recent tax overhaul, which garnered a prominent mention in The New York Times, leading to more than 70,000 downloads in the last month.  For 10 of these 11 tax professors, these two NYT-plugged papers constitute 95% or more of all their downloads. ... Farewell to SSRN downloads as a metric of any interest for at least a year!

For some reason, Mitchell Kane (NYU) — the twelfth academic co-author of the two papers — is not included in the SSRN download rankings (although the downloads are included on his individual author page).

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