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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Students Wait For Relief Months After Closure Of Charlotte Law School

Charlotte Logo (2016)WSOCTV, Charlotte School of Law Students Wait for Relief Months After Campus Closes:

Four months after the embattled Charlotte School of Law closed its doors, Eyewitness News learned the future is still uncertain for many people who were connected to the school when it shut down.

The American Bar Association placed the school on probation in November 2016 and the Department of Education pulled its federal student loan funding in December 2016 before the state pulled its license over the summer.

"A year later and I'm still in limbo," former student Talece Hunter said. Hunter put her dreams on hold when she withdrew from the crumbling Charlotte School of Law amid its financial and academic crisis earlier this year. Now, she's searching for a way to attend law school on the weekends so she can continue working to support herself. ...

The is one of the hundreds of students being represented by attorney Gary Jackson who want CSL and its parent company, Infilaw, to pay up for drowning students in debt and then leaving them hanging. "Many have over $200,000 in student debt. Some of these are people who have finished, graduated and still haven't passed the bar. This has obviously been an extraordinary burden on these people," Jackson said.

There are several groups suing CSL. Most of the students’ cases are slowly making their way through the courts.

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